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Hostal Toledo


What time is check in and check out?

The check-in is possible from 1.30 pm and the check-out is at 12 pm.

Can I leave the room late?

Sorry, but you cannot leave the room late.

Can I choose the type of bed in my room? (Large bed – two beds)

Is chosen without confirmation, especially double beds. Some days we cannot confirm that we will have available this type of room.

Do the rooms have a balcony or terrace? Can I reserve one?

Some have balconies. Cannot be reserved.

How many storeys does the building have? Is there a lift?

The hostel has two floors. No lift.

Is there air conditioning in the rooms? Does it work all year round?

Yes, we have both air conditioning in summer and warm air in winter.

Is your hotel adapted for the disabled?

Unfortunately, the hotel is not suitable for the disabled hosts.

Can you keep my luggage when I leave the room?

Yes, we will keep your luggage without problem.

Is there a safe place to park my car? How much does it cost?

We have a parking in our building. It costs 6.00 euros.

Does the hotel have an Internet or e-mail terminal for guests?

We provide Internet connection during your stay.

Do you have high-speed internet in the room for my laptop? Is it wireless?

Yes, the Wi-Fi access is free.

Do you have a quiet, romantic room? How can I reserve it?

Unfortunately, we do not have this type of room.

Do you have common services at the facility?

Yes, we offer a social lounge to rest, that have a computer with Internet, TV and comfortable sofas, plus snacks and drinks machines.

What languages are spoken in Reception?

We speak Spanish, English and French.

Where may I rent a car?

In Atesa, Hertz, or Avis.